tiistai 23. helmikuuta 2010

Random Picture Exhibition

Hey there!

So this is when Xeimian Chronicles goes international, at least for a while. Content is mostly random pictures I find intriguing.

I just came up with this idea for now. Maybe later on we will have a section called "English Summary" which is mostly all about juicy, almost scandalous text content. - Until that check out my twitter, it has lots of english content: Xeimiantweet - and feel free to follow me.

I could have done this without any text, since pictures are understood everywhere, just like music (which you may listen to on my internet radio show: Home Studio - there are loads of some good shit from mostly rising underground bands (also my own material), but I decided to put some lines along with pics. Since these pics are pretty fresh, the main theme seems to be my rather strange neigborhood that sleeps in winter, but still has its highly arousing, almost religious artefacts gathered all around!

PS. If you live in europe, don't forget to check out what sponsors what we got to sale here, money is boring when you own it, exciting when you spend it. (Ask any bourgois or a banker, and he'll just say yes)

PPS. Oh cover thy self!


Mr X - (aka Charlie Goodtime)

Meet The Humorous Thermometer! (It was about - 30 C )

When Spring And Winter Embrace

The Neighborhood series pt 1.

What The Fuck Is Going On Here- car!

The Neighborhood series pt 2.

Octagon For Kids!

- Now you can find out who is a whiny little crybaby and who is the bully of the year!

(Make uncle C. Darwin proud!)

The Neighborhood series pt 3.


- Seen the movie? So no longer wondering where those screams came at... ;) It's the junior version!

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