lauantai 8. syyskuuta 2012

Type O Negative (very) SPECIAL!

Now, I have some extremely good news!

Only a few weeks ago, I remember how I said to another hardcore Type O Negative fan how I'd wish if I could find some of their rarities. I even asked did she know any (she have met the guys of the band too) but she said no.

Well, then this came along:

Type O Negative's ultra rare material, straight from the October Rust sessions; the rare and raw mixes/demos from the October Rust promo!

Without further redue I shall leave you in mighty awe. 

Track listing

0:01 Green Man 5:53 Glorious Liberation 7:06 Be My Druidess 12:35 Matchstick Men 18:38 Haunted 28:45 Peter and Elizabeth


PS. For more metal stuff can be found under the tags "Metal" and "Deathtime"
PPS. Consider this as a nice bonus

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