torstai 13. toukokuuta 2010

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         [XeimiaNation's Official News Edition]

In This Issue: 

- Events And Important Dates
- Horrorscope
- Believe It Or Nuts (vivi)Section

Events And Important Dates:

11. 5. Einstein publishes his Theory of Relativity
11. 5  Deathtime releases second single for a small preaudience
16. 5 Official release date of Deathtime's second single!


Famous Capricorns:

Rob Zombie of White/ Rob Zombie

Peter Steele (RIP) of Type O Negative 

Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society

Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under

Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost

Charlie Deathtime of Deathtime

Believe It Or Nuts!

It is almost like they are from the same series of pictures!

Danzig's forthcoming album ("Deth Red Sabaoth")cover (30.6. in Finland)

And the Deathtime's promo picture (published in 26. 3. 2010 and were shot and modified by Janne Aare, like also this pic)

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